Thursday, September 16, 2010

Farming Event! Rawr~

Have you ever tried to farm but lacked the motivation?

Well today Huy is gonna give u that little push to farm. But before that I'm gonna give u abit of an update on what i've been up to.

Recently i started a new alt under the command of general chie o_o, this new alt was meant to be a 100% SI for the clan, however as i began my new alt i ran into a few difficulties these were:
1) I needed lots of Raw Materials for grinding Craft and Blade expertise
2) I needed both Sword smithing and Gun smithing for 100% SI
3) My Final and Mock exams are looming on the horizon, which means i can't always get on imagine when i want to.
4)Raw Materials have been hard to come by on imagine lately

Now back to the event,
As i have said above, i realise Raw Materials are hard to come by, the only way of getting these Raw Materials is by farming plasma junk and deconstructing it, I know farming is harder than it used to be which is why i will try to make this event more worthwhile for you guys ^-^

Now for the bait -cough- i mean prizes:

Okay so these are the Materials that i will be needing :3 [Bronze, Aluminum, Silver, Steel, Circuitry, Oak, Cedar, Oil, Plastic and Whetstone] (i don't need all of them, just giving u guys a broad range to choose from)

1) If you farm atleast 1k(1000) of any of the above => Your choice of x2 (x3) Incense of Experience or x2 (x5) Incense of Mastery
2)If you farm over 5k(5000)-7k(7000), thats including 5k of any of the above mats=> x5 Mirrors of Moonlight (FM)+ x2 Material Sequencers+ x2 Cabinet Pro(x2)
3)If you farm 10k(10000)+ => 4 macca notes (200k)+Ogre or Brute Charms+x2 (x5) Demon Incense of Experience

Now just in case anyone doesn't understand how to deconstruct i will explain, to deconstruct plasma junk u will need two things the first being a fuel tank (if u don't have one that's fine) and second a Power Extractor from the magic shop. Now for those of you who don't have a fuel tank, I can deconstruct the plasma junk for you, just trade me if you see me on at the time. Now if you are able to deconstruct the junk on your own please bring me the Raw Materials and i will note down how much u got and reward u accordingly. HOWEVER! Just to encourage you all to farm a bit harder, the total amount of raw mats your acquire and bring to me will be recorded and the 3 who farmed the most will win the following prizes:

1st place:Record breaker White Moon(M set only sorry)
2nd place: Academy II Set (light blue)M
3rd place: Law suit voucher

I will have this event running for the next two weeks, so on October the 1st to the 3rd (due to time differences and in case I'm not on when you guys need to hand in your Materials.) ALL raw materials must be handed in to qualify, anything later than this will be unaccepted.

Please leave comments on this, I want to know what you guys think. Feel free to send me an email if you wish to ask about anything or just want to comment privately. [] (without the bracket thingys)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dust Dust ~

*cough cough* ~

o.o Haven't posted here for quite a while.

Summer Holidays..I suppose that is what has happened. xD

I'mma take that opportunity to officially welcome all our new Members from Iku's Clan


Wish we could change the Clan-Name In-game...tho I think Vanilla Milk wud be too long.

So yeah...what happened? What changed?

It is kinda sad to see alot of you guys had to quit on Internet or only Megaten because of School, University, High School or other issues. To let you know, I read all the emails you've sent me (and replied ^^ I hope you can check someday) and me and I bet all the rest of the Clan wish all of you the best of luck.

Hoping you can come back one day to kick demon's arses with us!

(Hah ~ Im not even sure If u guys can read this xD)

I, for myself, had alot of stuff to deal within these summer holidays of mine, I even had to semi-quit Megaten for about a month.
:3 But me & Shampoo are back now, full of energy nd to let you know: we had a great summer together ^////^ ehehe...

So, yes, back with full energy the Submasters (Welcome Back to BluKit at this point :3 glad you're back) will do some recruitment soon and of course


As I've heard today, Huynh will make a Start with some kind of

(I secretly call it Slave-Labour-Event)
More Infos will be soon posted here and in the Sidebar ^^

Other Events planned:

1. Make-Fun-Of-Huynh-Day
2. Hide & Seek
3. Summon Orb Runs
4. Boss Hunting
5. Plug-In Hunt
6. Screen-shot / Clan Photo Event
7. Creative Events (Drawing/Painting/Glueing etc.)
8. Role Playin (Ooft *winkwink*)
9. Naked Runs
10. Messing Around Randomly & Annoying People We Don't Like Event
11. Draw Eachother / Draw Clan / Draw Your Favourate Demons
12. Write Stories Bout Clan Mates
13. Draw/Write Comics Bout Clan Mates
14. Let's All Get Drunk Online! :D

(yes, copied from Leasha's former Post...I'm not too sure bout the 14th Event but okay :D sure)

Any Suggestions & Questions & Whatever are, as always, very welcomed.

Please vote for what Event you would wanna have next. ^^ Also Sidebar


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Draw your own Character -Event :3

Details have been posted @ the sidebar.

^^ Shampoo and I will still discuss bout a prize worth participating on this event.

(Means, we're both the judges for this Event. Everyone else is allowed to participate ^^) ...HAHA =D YOU'RE SO NOT ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE, SHAMPOO....

Submaster BluKit is about to host a Scavenger Hunt- Event aswell, so make sure to check this blog regulary to don't miss this awesome event ^^

[Still grinding's such a pain D: c5 r5 atm, 7 ranks to go to be maxed out... + a ton of lvl ups + a ton of lvl ups + rebirthes for my Booby-Arty...Chie's dying D:]

For more Details & Questions contact a Submaster or Clanmaster (me <3) In-Game

Saturday, June 26, 2010


WHEN!?: Wednesday the 30th July 2010
TIME?!: 6PM (English Time) / 5PM EST / 10AM CST / 11 PM WST ^_______^

It will go like this: You will hide with all other people in NAKANO. If i find you. You will become a searcher automaticly. The person that gets found last will win a Expertise x5 Incense. After that we shall play hide and seek for fun with no prices! :3

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Clan Event!

DarkYumi's Organising a clan event :)
im thinking bout hide and seek :D
tough not sure when it is and where ;)
any idea's? :] x

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Leasha is in science.
And im bored T-T
hows everyone? and any clan events coming up? :D